A week in the life of the Community Chaplain

There are a number of outreach ministries to oversee at St Hilda’s in three days a week, so I am constantly balancing how to strategically use the time I have available. I currently work here on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and at Wentworth Falls Public as a school chaplain on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
There are a few primary SRE teachers away at the moment, so last week I covered three lessons (Wednesday) and one high school lesson (Friday) plus prayer with the other teachers on Helen’s lovely sunny deck. Sometimes I fit in a quick visit to the Anglicare shop and phone calls or visits. Wednesday is also meeting day with the staff and growth group at John’s is always a highlight at night.
Working with both primary and high school SRE teams is a dream. SRE teachers are the best! Always committed, dependable and hard-working, they are soldiers facing the battle every week. Is it worth it? YES! I am keen to spend as much time with them as they need to be encouraged and equipped to keep going.
Last Friday I sat with a woman struggling over her marriage while she copes with a possible jail sentence for her husband. It’s hard but essential work as we journey with other Christians through their trials. That night an ‘extra’ leader was needed at youth group while one of the leaders was away. Crumpets, the dictionary game and the parable of the sower had us all engaged for two hours.

I occasionally lead at night church, try to encourage the welcome team at the 10:30am morning service, and get to know as many people as I can who are new and visiting at both services.
In my other job as school chaplain I have no option to openly share the gospel, so I pray quietly for these needy children and hope their lives will be given godly direction by knowing a Christian who cares. Please pray for this vital work.

Kathy Powell

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  1. Bren sherring

    Hi Kathy, bren from vale st here. my son has just called me about an older gentleman who lives in the flat below them in Katoomba. The gentleman’s flat has been flooded and they were wondering what can be done to support him? I’m not sure of the specifics, they are just going back down to see him now. My number is 0405085273. Thank you.


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