A week in the life of a Worship Pastor

The week of a worship pastor is a varied one! There are the usual emails, rosters, meetings, phone calls, etc. But then there is youth group on Friday night, and Sunday night church when we can gather as a community and encourage and support one another.
Apart from preaching every now and then, one of the greatest joys of the past few months has been Scripture at Katoomba High School. What a privilege God has given us to go into a secular environment and speak about Jesus!
A team of us – Peter Dalbrun from Katoomba Lighthouse church, Michelle Seers from Blackheath Anglican, and Valerie Williams, Kathy Powell and I from St Hilda’s – go in each Friday morning at 9am and teach two classes.
I have never taught Scripture before and it has been interesting for me to see who comes along to the classes. The students range in attitude from those that attend church regularly and know their Bibles well and start to answer the question before you have finished asking it, to those who are only there because their parents have made them go. Some of the students are made to go by parents who have no connection to a church – which I find fascinating. Praise God!
Scripture has the whole range – joy, hard work, good conversations, good questions, strange questions, eager students and not-so-eager as well.
Please pray for the teachers, that we would be engaging, clear and that God would speak through us to the students. Please pray for the students, that they would be open to receive the good news about Jesus and put their trust in him.
Blessings, grace and peace to you.

John Burke

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