Talks on Daniel

Mike Wells 7th August 16Keep Calm Carry OnDaniel 9
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Mike Wells
14th August 16
Creative ResistanceDaniel 1
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Ray Robinson
21st August 16
God Is Over AllDaniel 2
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Ray Robinson
28th August 16
Won’t bow – Don’t know how.Daniel 3
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Mike Wells
11th September 16
The humiliation of the kingsDaniel 4
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Mike Wells
18th September 16
Living in the Lion's DenDaniel 6
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Please email Doug to request access to this talk.
David Pettett
25th September 16
The Victory of God for the saintsDaniel 7
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Mike Wells
2nd October 16
The shattering of the power of God’s people and resurrectionDaniel 12
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