Talks on 2 Samuel

7ec9ab4f1e4bddc4df65e69bcc53e760 Prophet SamuelThis sermon series is on selected passages in 2 Samuel.  We suggest that you read the intervening chapters to get the full flow of events which is the context of the chosen passages.

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Legal Stuff This is a collection of audio recording of sermons delivered to a live audience.  They are for your personal use.  If these files are to be used for other purposes, please contact us beforehand for permission.

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go to site Audio Bible readings are from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Mike Wells
19th July 15
My enemy's enemy is my enemy
2 Samuel 1
2 Samuel 4
Listen:mp3 – 16.8MB
amr – 2.73MB
Mike Wells
26th July 15
How Do I Revere God?
2 Samuel 6
Listen: mp3 – 14.3MB
amr – 2.28MB
Mike Wells
2nd August 15
God's Grace To The Messiah 2 Samuel 7
Listen: mp3 – 15.3MB
amr – 2.40MB
Ray Robinson
9th August 15
The Grace of God2 Samuel 11 - 12
Listen: mp3 – 17.8MB
amr – 2.89MB
Ray Robinson
16th August 15
Grace in chaos2 Samuel 13
Listen:mp3 – 15MB
amr – 2.48MB
Ray Robinson
23rd August 15
Trusting Grace2 Samuel 15:1 -16:14
Listen:mp3 – 16.6MB
amr – 2.77MB
Ray Robinson
30th August 15
The Reason for Grace2 Samuel 9
2 Samuel 16:1-14
Listen:mp3 – 13.1MB
amr – 2.18MB
Guy Davidson
6th September 15
Fatherhood1 Kings 2: 1-10
Listen:mp3 – 12.9MB
amr – 2.1MB
Mike Wells
13th September 15
Leaving Vengeance To God2 Samuel 21:1-14
mp3 – 15.3MB
amr – 2.41MB
Mike Wells
20th September 15
David’s Mighty Men2 Samuel 21:15-22
2 Samuel 23:8-39
Listen:mp3 – 17.5MB
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Mike Wells
27th September 15
My House Right With God2 Samuel 22:1-23:7
Listen:mp3 – 15.2MB
amr – 2.33MB
Vince Williamson
4th October 15
God’s Grace Messiah’s Failure2 Samuel 24
Listen:mp3 – 13.7MB
amr – 2.72MB