Anniversary Day Luncheon

opcje binarne minimalna wpłata Anniversary day luncheon invitationSt. Hilda’s Day is on the 29th November, we celebrate this anniversary each year with a with a special service followed by a ‘sit down’ luncheon. Everyone is invited.

have a peek at this site The cost will be $5 per person ($15 per family). Alternatively those who are definitely coming have an option to contribute a dish to the meal in lieu of the payment. Tickets will be on sale after all services. There will also be a list of meal contributions, including salad, desert, crackers and dip. Each year we give parishioners a chance to think about your growth and to make a commitment to the church family through offering to help with various tasks. There is also a special appeal for donations to two projects. One is internal to St. Hilda’s, the other is external.

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